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15 Minute Warm Up 3 (No Measure)

15 minutes straight through (1 movement per minute)

Minute 1: Up-Downs

Minute 2: Flutter Kicks

Minute 3: Med Ball Squats

Minute 4: Up-Downs

Minute 5: Ball Slams

Minute 6: Med Ball Russian Twists

Minute 7: Plank Ups

Minute 8: Mountain Climbers

Minute 9: Up-Downs

Minute 10: Ball Slams

Minute 11: Bicycle Sit Ups

Minute 12: Jumping Squats

Minute 13: Sit Ups

Minute 14: Up-Downs

Minute 15: Ball Slams


Cindy Rides The Bike (AMRAP – Rounds)

EMOM for 30 minutes (or TOTAL rounds)


Minute 1: 15, 11 Calories AB

Minute 2: 1 Round of Cindy + 2 reps on all movements


Minute 1: 12, 9 Calories AB

Minute 2: 1 Round of Cindy


Minute 1: 9, 6 Calories AB

Minute 2: 3 Pull Ups + 7 Push Ups + 11 Air Squats

This workout is supposed to be challenging!!! PLEASE SCALE accordingly. If you know the bike is going to mess you up…SCALE!!! If you have problems with Pull Ups or Push Ups, SCALE!!!!

Score is TOTAL ROUNDS COMPLETED. If you fail a round. It is a MANDATORY 5 minute rest before you can start again. Everyone will go to 30 minutes. If you fail after the 25th minute mark. Workout is over.

I do not want this workout to just become an “AMRAP” so again, if it starts taking you 50-55″ to finish a round in the beginning, you should of scaled the workout. Be smart!!!


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