Transformation Story

I mean.. what female doesn’t look at their body and critique it. There will always be something we want and/or don’t want when it comes to our body. I wouldn’t say I am super critical on my body but I have definitely become much more aware of it after I saw what 2 years of college could do. Partying, drinking, and eating ice cream and cookies at every meal with the unlimited pass you’re required to have while dorming at LIU Post. After I stopped dorming I became much more into fitness. I used to do 1-2 Jillian Michael workouts a day. LOL, yes I know, but I loved her. I also really got into running and even went so far as training and completing several half marathons and completed my first full marathon in April of 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland.

I was first introduced to Crossfit when my friend Hailey wanted to do a free trial week at Crossfit Syosset. I told her I would do it with her but that I was definitely not joining because it was way too expensive for me. Sure enough, a week later, I joined. I loved the environment, the people, the coaches. I was so driven and motivated. I wanted to be able to do a kip pull up, a handstand push up, etc.

I ended up moving to Lindenhurst and knew I wanted to continue doing crossfit; I just didn’t know where. I convinced my house mates Mackenzie and Andrew to try out places with me and join. After trying several gyms in the area, our last and also our favorite gym was Crossfit Lindy. The coach and members were welcoming and encouraging and that’s basically what sold us. Since joining Lindy I’ve learned how to do a full snatch, how to do toes to bar, how to do double under’s, increased my weight on every single lift, I can do dips with the red band (goodbye green band), learned how to link together more pull ups and I can even do chest to bars (one at a time), I use the big girl bar for all my lifts (except snatch), and most recently learned how to do butterfly pull ups. Although there’s so much more I’m eager to learn and at times I get frustrated that I cant do more I am so impressed with all my progress. I thank all the coaches at Lindy (especially Boomsauce) and everyone that pushed me to be better.


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