So I’ve been doing CrossFit for OVER 11 YEARS NOW!!!! Its a long freaking time. And you know what…I still love it!!! I really do. Some might say that 11 years is 1 year too many. Or they might even ask me how I even able to do it and still love it for so long. Well, this is what I am going to answer and hopefully you guys can keep the passion like I can. 

So I drank the Kool-Aid back in 2007. I was in Iraq. This dude just came up to me and asked me if I wanted to try this workout. The workout was “Linda” aka the 3 Bars of Death. It took me about an hour and a half and man did I fall in love. I kept up with it ever since. Made due with the little equipment I had back in the day. Lots of iron weights, crumby pull up bars, no “cross training” shoes, no weight lifting shoes, cheap ass pull up stations. You get the idea. It was rough back in the day. I mean during the 2009 regionals I wore Saloman trail running shoes. with tape around my wrists. I thought I was cool.

But as the years went on I still did it every day and never fell off. How did I do that you ask? Its pretty simple.


I own CrossFit Lindy as well. And I see a lot of times is that people go fucking crazy when they first start. They go out and buy every trendy thing thats out right now. Everything from super cool sneakers, to fleo shorts to the sickest headbands. Thats all fine and dandy. But your getting in to deep too fast. You’ve got to learn how to crawl before you can walk and then walk before you can run. Chill the fuck out dude. Seriously.

I am so glad that you want to love CrossFit and love it more then the next person. But its like anything, if you consume something in such large doses too fast. You WILL GET SICK OF IT. Like food. If you eat your favorite meal for breakfast lunch and dinner, you will never want to eat it again.

How do you avoid not over doing it?

Go outside. Do things you normally dont do. Sign up for a triathlon and train for that. Still do CrossFit, but put more training into the triathlon and focus on that, that way when its done and over with. BOOM; you get right back into the gym and crush it

Go hiking. Spend a a weekend in the mountains and get lost. Seriously. You can’t get lost because all you can do is go down the mountain and then look for a road/river to take to back to civilization.

When you go on vacation…DO NOT DO CROSSFIT!!!! Vacation is made for that…VACATION!!!! Too many times people come back from their 2 week trip to Europe and are like I dropped into like 3 different gyms…it was awesome. Cool, what else did you do. You probably missed out on so many things you could have seen by working out. When I went to Greece. Riki wanted to workout a couple times. I said hell no dude. Our time working out will be time walking the ENTIRE country. And we basically did. We were so shot after that trip.

If you can do overtime at work…do it. Sometimes the distance makes the heart grow fonder. So when you were at work and all your friends were talking about how awesome the workout was. Its going to make you want to go that much more the next day. Its ok to skip a day or two from the gym. Sometimes your brain needs a mental break from the gym as well!!!

PLAY OTHER SPORTS!!!! I always get my members to try and sign up for like a beach volleyball league, a softball league, basketball league, whatever kind of league. The carry over from CrossFit to the sport and vice-versa is extremely beneficial to making yourself a better athlete. All the skills learned from the gym will carry over into sport and make you amaze a lot of people!!!

Its up to you!!!

I dont want to take anything away from anyone. If CrossFit is your life, then thats awesome!!! I am glad you found something that you love. As a season vet, long time affiliate owner, a once super cool games athlete, its easy to get caught up in a lot of things and easily lose interest. Everything here are just personal experiences Ive encountered that I thought might help a least one person. You chose what you want to do with your life and I hope you live it to the fullest!!!


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