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I LOVE CROSSFIT LINDY!!! I am so happy to be apart of something great. Everyone here are so friendly and kind. They always help push me and encourage me when I was struggling. I have made a lot of new friends and I have found out that I like to do a lot of things fitness. My favorite thing is to Deadlift. I have been working with Coach Riki for the past year now and I have seen a significant increase in my deadlift. I have deadlifted wayyyy over 300lbs and its only getting easier for me. I am thankful for the friends I have made over the years and I am so glad that I decided to join Lindy!

Tammy Greco

Since his weight loss journey, Brendan has lost over 130lbs. Before coming to #CFL he had lost 50lbs on his own but he needed something more. When he joined CrossFit Lindy, Brendan had lost another 80lbs. He lacked motivated before he came to the gym and he needed a jumpstart in motivation. Brendan can “RX” just about every workout, he squats over 315lbs AND for multiple reps and can RUN VERY WELL!!! Huge congratulations to Mr McCabe all of his accomplishments!!!

Brendan McCabe

I just participated in our in house Lifestyle Challenge. I was able to push myself further than I ever have before. I learned proper dieting techniques along with increasing my strength while leaning out. I was able to eat the foods that I wanted to eat with no questions asked. I have been doing CrossFit awhile no and have always struggled with my overhead strength. After some extra coaching and great cues, I am able to handstand push ups with out any extra assistance. This was huge for me considering I was always afraid to go upside down. But with the assistance of everyone at Lindy. I was able to achieve this goal of mine.

Vinny Aponte

I started doing CrossFit towards the end of 2017 and joined Lindy back in July of 2018. CrossFit has allowed me to stay in shape while giving me new goals, strength I didn’t know I could have, new friends, & most importantly a new sport to compete in since graduating college. I was a Division II lacrosse player at Mercy College where I received a masters degree in public accounting. I love bringing my fitness to higher levels & learning things about health & nutrition that I can pass along to help others reach their own goals and lead healthier lifestyles. The biggest thing I wanted to learn while doing CrossFit was nutrition. I have always knew how to train and exercise. I just never knew how to eat. Nutrition is a huge factor while exercising. You can never out train a bad diet Coach always tells me. And its true. I was afraid to eat carbohydrates and with more quality food. I was able to lean out and actually increase my performance.

Alexa Haines

To when I first started CrossFit to now. Taking a few minutes to reflect on the last 5 years and how much all aspects of my life have changed. Sometimes life was not so great, but it always worked out in the end. I’ve lost friends who I always thought would be there but I’ve gained even better ones. I’ve learned to forgive those who have hurt you and to let people go who do nothing but suck the joy out of the things you love. I’ve learned that showing up for the people we care about when they need it most is what’s important. I’ve learned that I love making new friendships for each one is different and special. I’ve learned more about myself and the things that make me happy.

Caitlin Weinsheimer

As a mother of two, it can be difficult at times to get to the gym and workout. I have been coming to CrossFit now for just over 4 years and I have made serious progress over the years. I used to struggle carrying my two sons equipment bags if they had hockey, but now I am stronger than ever. Not only can I lift and carry the bag with ease, I can also carry my son if he was in trouble! Everyone at Lindy is extremely encouraging and motivating. I have made a whole new set of friends that I will have a forever friendship with. I am extremely happy being able to come to CrossFit each and every day.

Christine Hopkins

With the challenge that we did, Big Bad Bob came in 4th place. Bob dropped almost 12 pounds and 8.5 inches around his waist, which was part of his goal (weightloss). Dan and I witnessed his dedication to the tasks and he put forth the effort to do more at the gym. Bodyweight movements are becoming easier after these last two months too. We thought Bob was extra deserving of his placement. Before this wellness challenge, he was very stubborn to give tracking macros a try. However, this time around, though not a master (yet), he gave it a whirl for the two months and made better choices throughout the challenge.

Bob Cox

The picture on the left is about when I was 3-4 weeks drug free. Which was roughly 8 years ago. I was about 175lbs back then. Weak, frail and in terrible shape. Granted I still did crossfit. But obviously no where near the capacity I do now.
The picture on the right is from a month ago. I am actually probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life. Granted I didn’t even qualify for regionals. But the amount of stuff I’ve gotten better at has actually been eye opening for me. I’m 31 years ago and could destroy myself from when I was 21.

Daniel Tyminski

The granola bar, salad, run 40 miles a week diet. I was obsessed with the scale (still kinda am) but to the extreme. This was before I was introduced to a barbell- or the sun for that matter. I thought weight lifting would get me bulky (lol) and the need to see 120lbs on the scale was my only concern- I didn’t care how I got there. .
December 2016 • Middle
The workout 6 days/week but eat whatever you want and get drunk a lot diet. Clearly not the best diet.. A non-stop, traveling and party lifestyle for almost a year which led to a huge wake up call eventually but shit happens and if it wasn’t for our low points, the high points wouldn’t feel as good. .
March 2017 • Right
The workout 3-5x a week and 98% perfect macro tracking diet. I’ve lost about 11lbs since the middle picture and I’m about halfway to where I’d like to be so stay tuned for the next picture. Chasing a goal isn’t easy, if it was, wouldn’t everyone have all of their goals achieved? I go to the gym when sometimes I just don’t want to, I drink a gallon of water a day, I take my vitamins & BCAAs, I weigh/track every bit of food I eat, I make sure I get enough sleep.. it’s a constant effort. I’m not special.. I don’t have a fast metabolism, I gain 5lbs just by smelling a donut. There’s no special pill or potion, there’s no special detox or wrap… trust me I’ve tried it all. We all get the same 24 hours in a day.. with hard work, patience, consistency & perseverance anything is possible, seriously. Nobody’s life/journey is perfect or easy. We’re all evolving and learning along the way as we go. Stay true to yourself and put you and your goals above anything AND anyone else.

Alyica Bender

Heather came in 1st place, we all know this…Heather Shook!! Her goal was to lose 5-8 pounds. Well, she lost a total of 10.4 pounds. For the last couple of years, all Heather would tell me was, “ I just want abs.” Congratulations, Heather, you have abs! I think we can all agree though that Heather has been the most dedicated to this wellness challenge. She completed every task, text pictures every Friday (even on her vacation), and was super involved with the group. Heather just went beyond. My favorite thing about Heather in her achievements is her gain in confidence. Very well deserved 1st place 🙂 The best part of this whole thing was that she donated her winnings to another member. She gave all her money to another member in need. That is what our gym is about. Community

Heather Shook

In 2nd place, John! He reached one of two of his goals, weight loss. He dropped 17 pounds and over 3 inches around his waist. His other goal was to be proficient in double unders. Unfortunately, working long hours at the hospital hindered him from practicing outside of class. However, as the cliche goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen,” its true. If you can’t control your schedule as far as the gym goes, you can at least take care of your health with what and how much you put into your body. John was the most consistent at checking in with me. Like clockwork, he emailed me every Friday with his check in and then never hesititated to ask for a change in macros if he felt a plateau. Proud of you, John!

John Gatto

9 months into CrossFit Lindy and she has lost 20lbs and has gotten very strong. She comes to the gym, works her butt off, Follows a specific nutritional program and has seen amazing results. Cathy works hard and is not lazy. Therefore she sees the results and is having a lot of fun at CFL!!!

Cathy Chauvin

CrossFit Lindy

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